Sunday, November 4, 2007

Probably the first and only entry

I am in the middle of writing a paper and ran out of ways to procrastinate. Then it dawned on me - I can start a blog. I am not much of blogger, but I am pretty big on finding new ways to procrastinate.

My paper, in case you are wondering, is a media assignment that was due on Friday (yes.. that's three days ago). I have to pick a piece of media (film, literature, art etc.) that can be used to teach some aspect of Canadian Studies. I choose the log drivers waltz vignette made in the late 70's by the national film board:
BUT, I just can't seem to get into the groove of writing my paper. Maybe I should have picked another media, I was also considering The Chemical Worker's Song by great big sea, and Bud the Spud or The coalboat by Stompin' Tom. If none of these are familiar, and you are Canadian (or even if you are not) - I suggest checking them out.

I guess thats all for my first post. I will probably post again when I have another opportunity to procrastinate.